When you plant it, it may need to be staked and it should be mulched and regularly watered this Summer. Any ideas what could be causing this and what I could do? I would like to start with a small tree (2-5 feet in height). About trees: I planted few behind roses, at “North-East” from roses, so that roses will not be in shade, they will get enough sun. So glad to find your website. The leaves are also larger. ☹️. It would look pretty silly, but we don’t know what to do with it. Thanks for any help you can give us. Also, how quickly does this tree grow? No that’s not normal, but these trees seem to do odd things some years, so I wouldn’t worry about it yet. Any pruning tips would be much appreciated! the bed in my backyard is somewhat raised and contains 10 established “knockout” roses. I am sure my question will be like many others but thought I would ask and see your thoughts as i have had conflicting info on this. I noticed you said deep water 1-2 times per week. Learn how your comment data is processed. Do I have a problem that I can fix?? Grows 50-60 feet in … One of the later trees to leaf… Can the Beech flourish in such a bed? Thank you! Tricolor Beech is unique because of its purple-bronze leaves with irregularly colored edges of rose, pink, and cream. We had one die last summer more than likely due to excessive heat and over watering. Purdue University points out what most people fail to realize: that most trees grow many of their roots in the top 4 to 8 inches of soil, where warmth, moisture and nutrients abound. I was also wondering is it grafted or not; mine was not looking grafted: perhaps grafted area was hidden under the soil. They gave me a one year warranty but I’m worried that this tree may not withstand the open spaces. Pruning in Summer should be fine. Those are averages of say 10 years. They are in the parking strip & about 20 feet tall & were planted with root collars in 1999 Hi Jim! Currently red buds pear, and tulip trees are blooming on our property. Normal. I just noticed the ends of the leaves are turning brown, we live in Ohio and we did have a rather cool August. Why would my tree already have scorched tips? You could also just move it further away. It does sound like you have a problem that could be a big one. In response to this recent article on the tricolor beech tree. I have heard and seen a branch or two do this for a year, but never a whole tree. If you really want it, you can always give it a try. Natures funny in that the symptoms of overwatering look a lot like underwatering. Outstanding foliage make this tree stand out in any landscape. Perhaps I should consider something less expensive so I won’t be too upset if it doesn’t make it for long. Jim, I am planning on planting a tri-color beech in an existing bed where I lost a crab two years ago. I would try to plant it as far away as possible, but I don’t think it would be a major problem. I am not a fan of fall pruning for plants that may be borderline hardy as the area near the pruning cut can be less hardy going into winter if not fully healed. Half of the tree’s leaves have now turned brown. Definitely look in the above comments for the one on beech bark scale, if you are in an area that has this problem, this may be something to look for. I haven’t watered the tree in about 2 years. It adds beauty to it! A greenhouse did indeed diagnose it as lichen but said it was not harmful to the tree. Thanks Jim, a great help. So many people out walking have stopped to ask what type of tree it was. This year, not a blossom one. Hi Jim, Chartreuse plants work well too. Given your location in an area that does have Beech bark disease and native beech present I think I would consider another tree. They are considered moderately susceptible to deer damage. Hi Jim – awesome info here. Hi Jim, I was wondering if a tri-colour Beech would do in Ontario, Canada just north of Toronto Zone 4b? Slightly toxic, I doubt your dog would find them tasty enough to eat many. I noticed tonight that the leaves are fading and seem to becoming crunchy. Also, I am thinking of planting a larger shade tree outside the rock garden to give some shade to the yard. The amount of sun they get can also impact color. I really want to get a tri-color beech for me front yard, but I have the deer issue. Is it the pink part that is turning brown and are they dry? thrive in Eastern woodlands and along rivers. I have put grey/silver plants with my purple beeches and it is stunning: lambs ears, dusty miller and artemisia. I understand it will be in the favor of the tree to have shade but have no choice since my backyard gets sunlight almost all the day except few areas which is close to the house. Late season defoliation is not as huge of a deal as early season. Jim, I understood beech trees to be low maintenance with a long life but from reading this blog I see people having various issues. Thanks! I usually recommend no fertilizing or only lightly fertilizing with a slow release fertilizer. Probably not. This one grows so slow as well that as long as you are willing to have it pruned, I would not be concerned about it over growing your spot. Some springs are more spectacular than others. By the end of July, all of the leaves had shriveled up and fallen off. Is there a way I can keep this tree pruned so that it doesn’t grow too large? I am going to guess it is not the fertilizer spikes as they usually take time to breakdown. Next year if it does not leaf out right away give it a few more weeks. Yep it will burn and be stressed out there. The addition of only 4 to 6 inches of soil over a root zone drastically reduces the amount of oxygen and water available to the roots. I have some warm afternoon sun, maybe 4 hours, but the lot is well shaded from surrounding dense tree coverage. About beech tree: I’ve read somewhere its’ root will suspend anything to grow around. Thank you for you help and suggestions. You may be seeing symptoms of this if it was similar in your area last summer. They DO!!! This spring it budded out very nicely,unfortunately the squirrels and chipmunks ate every single leaf and indiscriminately chewed some of the branches off this poor tree. Now, the end of August, the leaves look dry and crusty but in the spring it re-news to its beautiful deep pink color. And yes Tri color breeches are certainly ornamental trees, but they can get pretty big it just takes a loooong time (many decades)’, I live just south of Indianapolis, IN which is in the center of the state. P.S. Anything I can do for it. I’d never seen or heard of a tricolor till I visited Bronson park and I fell in love and that’s the reason I purchased mine. While the majority of roots grow in the top 2 feet of the soil, the deepest structural and anchoring ones do not penetrate deeper than 3 to 7 feet, according to Colorado State University experts. I wish I’d discovered your site a year ago, but delighted to have now found you and all of your great advice. The roots of European beeches are close to the surface and may cause issues to your patio and retaining wall. Pachysandra both Japanese and Allegheny spurge may be good choices for a ground cover under it. We’ve had plenty of rain july through mid august. They are not like willows. Dappled sun throughout the day is good too. If leaves do not produce chlorophyll at all, then of course you can still germinate such plant from seed, but it will eventually die (because leaves do not have chlorophyll responsible for converting light energy into sugars etc.). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Now? This is not uncommon on beeches and usually adds a bit to their character as they grow. If you do, just tip them back say 6-8″ to a bud pointed in the direction you want it to grow and see how it responds. Actually I have finished 2 bottles of the copper fungicide, the green stuff is still there. I would avoid planting right next to utilities. – Thanks, Steve. Hi Jim It’s a bit spindly still … and maybe 15 feet tall and 15 feet wide in some places. It is highly recommended to not plant in hot, dry areas. I’m in Washington State and have a tri-colored beech that was planted near the center of my front yard. The striking foliage of the European Tri-Colored Beech Tree is purple with irregular creamy pink and rose margins. I have no clue about the the tree root. I love reading your comments; still have not explored your webpage. N/A. No purple at all. Follow up, I meant to say…..tricolor got late afternoon shade not sun! Your cooperation will be highly appreciated. I’ve read a bit about translating these tree and being careful with the root ball and graft and not to prune it the first two years after transplant. What are chances they will thrive there? After all, the wide-root oak tree that’s 70 feet tall needs much more room than the modest Japanese maple. I checked with Rich’s to see if they had any ideas. We have a tri color beech we planted last September in Indianapolis. I bought it and had it planted by a reputable nursery. I would probably contact your local extension office or the Plant clinic at the closest arboretum or botanic garden and see if they can give your any further advice as far as chemicals to use or timing of the application. I planted two 10′ tall tri color beech trees in late May. thank you, Since beech’s are difficult to transplant trees in general, you might want to consider hiring this job out. Jim, Plants may be taller than the height minimums. Is pruning something that should be done? Is there a way to prune it to keep it manageable and shorter than 30 feet? Found your posting tonight and have enjoyed all of the comments and questions. Growth Habit:  Upright oval to rounded form. I have to plead ignorance on this, I will look into it and see if anybody can give me an answer on this. If I am understanding you right, That sounds like a normal late summer, too much sun symptom. Let the soil dry out between waterings. These are the Purple Fountain beech and the Tri Color beech. It’s just a matter of how you will like how it looks. Will the remaining branches bud out again? It is not its shape that draws attention, but instead its unique leaf color.  It has a purple leaf with variegation that has pale rose color. It is in full sun so maybe that slowed the productivity. Growing Red Obelisk European Beech Trees. Probably not, probably just not enough sun light. You responded: “…expect periodic crops of nuts every few years. I chose the tri-color for its color and because it is is said to not be susceptible to verticilleum wilt. It is near a river and receives some wind protection. We have two big TCB (10-20 yrs old) in our neighborhood and it is so beautiful and with all pink foliage. Hi, I just scratched the bark of the trunk on my Tri Color Beech tree and there is only brown and no green. Beeches do have shallow root systems. These trees do prefer afternoon shade in the hot summer months. Thanks for any insights you can share!! I should also add my conditions are within those suggested. Thanks! In looking at the tree, it has developed new buds throughout. Unfortunately we needed to treat it for an aphid infestation shortly after planting. I’ve also been treating it yearly for the last 3 years with Bayer Tree and Shrub Care because something was nibbling on the leaves in the past. Nothing terrible. It’s not mulched and the soil is dry. I’m really worried about the tree. Last year I had huge 10″ branch at bottom which started growth in mid-Summer. There are a lot of things that it could be, as far as what to do it will depend upon the stress that caused the issue. However, I want to make sure that the issue was with the tree itself, and not something I was doing wrong. This is especially true for a new plant that is not established at all. A good rule of thumb is to start at about 8 to 10 feet away from your home for small trees and scale up to account for the tree’s mature height and spread. It was a hot summer and was planted in late June. They’re not as big and surface-dwelling as a silver or Norway maple (or even American or European beech) but bigger than small trees like dogwoods and serviceberries. It also seems to impact all species of beech trees. I live in Canada in zone 4a -4bbut this tree is exposed to the prevailing west winds. Is there any way to get the tricolored back for the majority of the tree? In looking through everything, I don’t think I’ve found anyone with my concern, so here goes: We live in Seattle, and planted a large, specimen sized tri-color beech on Dec. 7, 2016 (replacing a beautiful Japanese maple that unfortunately got verticileum wilt). I haven’t watered the tree in about 2 years. I’m at a loss to what’s happening, and a bit upset because last year I lost a leader to a beautiful 10yr old King Crimson due to the harsh winter. We have got a European Tri color beech from Home depot. This is the first time I’ve ever seen the leaves turn orange/brown and start dropping this early. Thanks. It’s in full sun and is planted slightly high so it doesn’t sit in water (landscapers idea) our soil is clayish. We plant mountain ash to feed insects and not much else around here. Tricolor Tree Farm 1480 Hall Road West Chester, PA. 19380 Farm: 610-269-1034 Fax: 610-469-3838 Email: sales@tricolortree.com It is fall now and area that has peeled has expanded to about 1.5 feet long. Unfortunately I won’t be able to move out another 5 feet. Others are 1”-4” olive green leaves with no tricolor markings. It’s not mulched and the soil is dry. Propagate the tree through grafting. I love it! Most European beeches do eventually. N/A. One also was concerned with a girdling root. I have seen a pretty decent sized one planted as a street tree oddly enough and it was probably 5 feet from both the sidewalk and the road and not causing any problems to either. I have seen it on lists showing it is tolerant, but not many. Thanks for your help. Should I be concerned with the tricolor becoming too large, thus shading my existing rose bushes? My inquiry is, we have scheduled its planting for Oct 16th and I am hopeful a fall planting is good for the tree. The Red Obelisk is also quite tolerant of soil conditions that may not be optimal. Would the tree be happy there, or is this borrowing trouble? It seems that this variation, … Did I fertilize at wrong time or it it heavy spring rains or both? Hopefully your tree will open a set of dormant buds to get another set of leaves. I have a young Tri-Color that was planted very late June, lower Michigan. It gets a light bronze fall color that is nice.  Mine does not tend to hold many leaves in the winter but perhaps a bit less summer sun may improve this.  The smooth gray bark gets provides winter interest once the tree gets larger. , some of my five Tri color Beech trees have all maroons leaves with no pink margins , 2 trees are ok , is this because of the drought ? History and Origins of the Tri-Color Beech. I think your tree will probably leaf out normally next year, although it may be a couple of years if it is drought induced. This is the first year that in the spring pods were not dropped and there are no aphids for the bees to eat. The beech scale or the Cryptococcus insect is one of the most destructive garden pests. See what the companies suggest. I planted it an exposed section of my new yard as a backdrop to a paved area, waiting for a faster growing tree establish nearby. We are still in our warranty period. I am really speculating here though. Hi Jim – we planted a 10′ tricolor beech in late-summer 2017, in Michigan. You can expect mature trees to be 25 ft. to 35 ft. tall with a 20 ft. to 25 ft. spread. An Oregon State University Extension Service professional recommended I paint the trunk white to reduce the heat absorption. Before 10:30 and after 4:00 it is shady and cool – we’re fortunate to have a garden ringed by large trees. can’t find answers to any of these questions. I watered the tree. If you can find a tree care company that knows what they are doing, you can move this tree. Oh no!! It is at the corner of where they both meet. You can limb it up a bit, but beech branches do tend to droop. If you get twenty years out of it and decide it has outgrown it’s space you are allowed to remove it. Fagus sylvatica 'Purple Fountain' Weeping Purple Beech Tree. They also recommended that I try feeding the tree in hopes it will push through this tough ‘phase’. It kind of depends on your climate and the specifics of the site. Those distances you mentioned will require pruning, but they don’t scare me as being too close. We live in Oregon. I noticed in spring that bark at base of tree was peeling off. If you have another spot with some shade in afternoon that would be a better spot, but in Michigan you should be OK in your spot. Water deeply, regularly during first few growing seasons to establish an extensive root system; reduce frequency once established. Trees > Tri-Color Beech Out Of Stock! I also have roses on perimeter of small garden, and dwarf Japanese maple + big tall birds feeder in centre. Thanks Barb. If you already have one, appreciate it, stay informed and hope for the best. Should we cut the top half off? There are no visible signs of disease or damage to the tree. They recommended using a specific soap and brush. It should survive, but will need frequent watering in Summer heat to keep it looking good. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. As I read your blog and other information on the web, I see terms like burned/scorched/fried, but without real concern about the overall health of the tree. Plan the perfect garden with our interactive tool →, "New Pytologist"; The Structure of Mycorhizzal Roots of Fagus sylvatica; F. A. L. Clowes; May 1951, Purdue University: When Tree Roots Surface, Impressive in stature and beauty, beech trees (Fagus spp.). Grows the same as River's Beech but leaves have a striking pink and white edge. Michigan has been a hard state for tree lovers, especially lately. Hi Jim, Jim, Torn what to do. That said most trees die from under watering as opposed to under watering. The retaining wall where I want to plant a new tricolor beach is on the side of my property between my house and my neighbors house where there is a drop off of about 2 1/2 feet hence the retaining wall. He has worked professionally at gardens in Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. This was meant to encourage new surface roots where soils were compacted and where both vehicular traffic over root zones and excessive pedestrian traffic occurred. We just got a tri-colored beech and the nursery is coming to install it so I thought I would look into how to maintain it. The other concern I have is I cannot mulch the bed because of a dog that would dig, so I have black lava rock. We would only have a few small plants near it (hostas, lilys, coral bells, etc.) Do you think i could move it successfully. Two full seasons already. I was walking near our town’s beautiful college campus recently, rounded a corner and this beautiful pink colored tree caught my attention right away. Side Note: from my experience with variegated cactuses: “Variegation” happens when leaves do not have enough (or not produce it at all) chlorophyll. As with all trees, protecting the roots from damage as well as providing a soil environment conducive for healthy root growth extends vigor and life. (I’m waiting for a nearby Greenspire Linden to hurry up and grow so it gets some shade). I would probably cut it off at some point. Imagine you sowed 10000 seeds, and 9975 are green and average, 20 variegated, 4 monstrous, and 1 cristate… What will you do with this rarest “cristate” form, wait for 5 years for seeds with risks to loose it in few months, or propagate few via grafting? I live in the Salt Lake City area. Purdue University points out what most people fail to realize: that most trees grow many of their roots in the top 4 to 8 inches of soil, where warmth, moisture and nutrients abound. Tri-color beech has wonderful fresh late spring early summer purple pink leaf color.  The color fades in the sun of the summer and if not shaded the leaf edges will get a little shall we say “crispy”.  This does not hurt the tree, but it just looks better if it gets some afternoon shade.
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