In terms of construction, design, and comfort, there's simply nothing to complain about here. For more. It provides a solid sound scape for music and movies as well, although the audio can be a bit leaky at higher volumes if you ever planned to use them in a public place. LucidSound has followed the mantra of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Bottom line: This is as close to perfection as a headset can get. LucidSound LS35X was released in 2018. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. It has decent audio reproduction and is comfortable for long gaming sessions. Huge thanks go out to LucidSound for providing the LS35X Wireless Headset for Xbox One for review purposes. Please follow the steps below to update your LS35X to V2.5 of the firmware. Great sound. This new headset from HyperX complements its Cloud Revolver lineup. Hit the pairing button on your headset and, you're pretty much ready to rock. Tags LS35X, LucidSound, LucidSound LS35X. When we reviewed LucidSound’s LS30 headset back in 2016, we loved everything about the headset. It'd be nice to be able to adjust the volume of the mic monitoring, but I found the default level to be acceptable. Users have been urged to update the firmware via a Windows PC before proceeding on Xbox One, as the firmware shipped in the box can reportedly cause issues with the wireless signal. If you wish to grab this headset for yourself, head on over to LucidSound direct, or fire your internet browser the way of Amazon. It's … That ends with the LS35X, which is … It’s been many years since I last went into my gaming sessions with a LucidSound headset attached to my head. You could probably use this headset for podcasting and content creation, the mic is that good. October 16, 2018 Chris - Double-Jump. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. LucidSound LS35X Review: A Stylish, Superb-Sounding Xbox Headset If you've got $180 and want one of the sleekest, most functional Xbox headsets on the market, the LucidSound LS35X is … At $199.99, the Arctis 9X is $20 more than the competing LucidSound LS35X, but the LS35X doesn't have Bluetooth, so the Arctis 9 seemingly has it all. Great price. LucidSound LS35X – Design and Features Style is subjective, but I’ve come to find the garish lights and crazy colors that pass as “gamer gear” increasingly obnoxious. The LS20, by contrast, is simply a pair of black or white on-ear headphones with small, comfortable ear cups and an elegant silver headband. I would like to receive news and offers from other Future brands. LucidSound has tweaked the design of the ear cups too. This firmware includes the following improvements: Headset will no longer turn on a paired Xbox if it is powered on with the 3.5mm cable connected. The LucidSound LS50X headset comes with a hard shell carrying case, a wireless USB dongle for the Xbox One, a 3.5mm cable for using the headset with a wired audio source, a USB-C to USB-A charging cable, a removable boom mic, and a cover for the boom mic slot for when the boom mic is detached.. Opinion Best Buy has honest and unbiased customer reviews for LucidSound - LS35X Wireless Surround Sound Over-the-Ear Gaming Headset for Xbox One, Windows 10 PCs and Select Mobile Devices - Black. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. LucidSound LS35X Wireless Xbox One Headset Review – No Dongles! Not only will the LS20 fit in your everyday bag just … LucidSound LS10X Review; LucidSound LS1X Review; Recent The LS25, LS10X, and LS35X stand out amongst the audio gear … 0; This is one headset that delivers on every level. Here it is, the SteelSeries Arctis 9x vs LucidSound LS35x The LucidSound LS35x has been my reigning Xbox direct connect wireless headset. Xbox One, PCs with Xbox Wireless, other devices via 3.5mm, Mic monitoring, on-ear controls, detachable mic, included carry case. Gorgeous wireless sound in a premium package. When it comes to headset recommendations, for the average gamer I tend to recommend something from LucidSound. LucidSound LS35X Review. You've seen these before: the enormous, angular, sometimes oddly colored contraptions that look more futuristic than functional. The detachable mic arm is highly flexible, but still suitably rigid to help you get the exact position you want. LucidSound; Firmware Updaters; LS35X Firmware Updater Follow. Cyber Monday may be over but these Cyber Week deals are still alive. Gone are the circular channels found in previous efforts, and we now have a more natural oval shape instead, which should give even larger ears plenty of breathing space. The sound quality is excellent, the mic quality is exemplary, the cooling gel-infused earcups are sublime, and the outward design and construction are top-notch. Share 0 Comments. 5 reviews available. I have a seriously congested WiFi field too, with all sorts of wireless devices in a compact space. Xbox Series X and S continue Xbox's support of mouse and keyboard control, so we rounded up the best keyboards to use with your next-gen console. While the sound perhaps isn't as impressive as some other gaming headsets out there, the difference between them is incredibly negligible to the point of subjectivity. You will not be disappointed (as long as you update that firmware). The legendary Dragon Quest series has finally made its Xbox debut. Time for more discounts! Show newer Headsets I updated my unit out of the box and haven't experienced a single issue. 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By Joanna Nelius 23 July 2019 You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. I would like to receive mail from Future partners. The LS41 looks identical to its predecessor, which is a good thing. The LucidSound LS31 is a good wireless gaming headset with plenty of control options but takes some time to get used to. LucidSound LS35X Review. The sound stage isn't as broad as some of the better wired headsets out there, and at higher volumes, the highs and base notes can suffer from distortion and crackling. Superior comfort, amazing sound and intuitive controls so you can immerse yourself in the game. The long-awaited LS35X is finally here after a few delays. Another place the LS35X delivers big is in the microphone. Perhaps the most awesome aspect of the LS35X's design is the cooling gel the company has used directly in the ear cups. Delivers Surround Sound on Xbox One and Windows 10, with revolutionary quick-access controls and a lightweight, flexible headband. Let's find out. So LucidSound LS35X, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $300 Astro Gaming A50, as seen on the chart below. This is as close to flawless as a headset can be, and is an example to be followed. LucidSound LS41 wireless gaming headset review A solid, multi-platform headset, but don't expect to get 7.1 surround sound right out of the box on PC. LucidSound prides itself on producing full-fledged gaming headsets that forgo the garish appearance of "gamer" gear. All things considered, there's really nothing I'd consider a deal breaker here. LucidSound LS35X is a popular option at the top of the price range. As for set up, the LS35X is largely pain free. There are dozens of newer headsets on the market. Lag-free Wireless for gaming on Playstation, Xbox, PC and mobile. Although even as someone with gig-damaged hearing, the maximum volume on this headset is far louder than I'd consider comfortable (which you may enjoy if you prefer or need louder headsets). There's simply nothing to complain about here. It's like a massage for your ears. No spam, we promise. This is without a doubt, the best wireless Xbox One headset you can buy today. Designed for superior comfort with oval earcups and memory foam padding. LucidSound has put out a range of high-quality headsets over the years, but there was a drawback that often frustrated the experience. Just like the recently released LucidSound LS35X Rose Gold Wireless Gaming Headset, the LucidSound LS50X Snoop Dogg Headset is a wireless headset, contrary to LucidSound’s older models, which are wired. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for LucidSound LS35X Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset - Officially Licensed for Xbox One - Works Wired with PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Mac, iOS and Android at We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. LucidSound nails another headset, hot on the heels of the excellent LS35X. The overall sound experience isn't as impressive as some other headsets out there, perhaps. LucidSound LS35X – there are no strings on it. Related. It is also worth noting my Wi-Fi setup at home is heavily congested. It's quick and easy to update it via an included USB cable (also needed for charging), and once you're sorted, pairing with your console or compatible Windows PC wirelessly is as easy as pairing a controller. 4.6 Flawless wireless. The LS35X sound experience is certainly up there with the better sound profiles in contemporary gaming headsets. The best headsets for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. 463d ago. On Xbox, not only does it pair up instantly, but it now also shows the battery life of your device alongside your controller on the Xbox dashboard, which is incredibly useful. It's in the top 3 bestselling headsets and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Turtle Beach Elite 800 or HC Gamerlife Premium 3D. The price point, at $180, is also reasonable, with great battery life and tremendous Xbox One integration, with one-button connectivity and on-screen battery notifications. At a normal volume level, the sound quality is very good, though, and more than delivers on its price point. Related: Unboxing and First Look at the LucidSound LS35X Headset for Xbox One Can it win the hearts of an entirely new generation of gamers? Build and Comfort LucidSound LS35X Gaming Headset Review: Taking Xbox One Audio Up a Notch. That ends with the LS35X, which is closer to perfection than other headsets I've reviewed. Once you've paired it with your Xbox, a compatible PC like the Surface Book 2 15-inch, or via an Xbox One wireless USB dongle, it will remember the connection until you move it to a new device. Find your perfect headset. They tend to have the best bang for your buck and provide a fantastic experience, whether you’re looking to spend $75 or $250. For a while LucidSound has been a bang for your buck company, a quality that is great at low to mid-tier, but matters less in regard to high end. Although the mic monitoring volume can't be configured, the default volume is clear enough for you to be able to hear yourself. Also, the white and Rose Gold colours make for one refined-looking gaming headset that'll make you the envy of your pals. The microphone can be detached at will and comes with a handy red LED to let you know whether you've muted the sound or not using the on-ear controls. With the fine fabric and memory foam combined, the LS35X is incredibly pleasurable to wear, almost to the point of making you want to wear them even when not using them for audio. Where the mic excels most is in its general quality, which beats most headsets I've tested in recent times by a considerable margin for its clarity and noise-free experience. Read helpful reviews from our customers. SteelSeries Arctis 9X – Design & Features The retail review unit that LucidSound sent us also had a hard storage/travel case in the box, but I am not sure if this is a timed bonus or permanent one. LucidSound has put out a range of high-quality headsets over the years, but there was a drawback that often frustrated the experience. The best wireless Xbox One headset on the market today. Learn more. The LucidSound LS35X Xbox One Review: Luxury Sound & Comfort. Huge thanks go out to LucidSound for providing the LS35X Wireless Headset for Xbox One for review purposes. LucidSound LS35X reviews, information and images. LS35X Officially Licensed Wireless Xbox Gaming Headset The LucidSound LS35X Officially Licensed Wireless Xbox Gaming Headset is the first headset designed for Xbox One and Xbox One X that directly connects to the console without the need for cables or a base station. LucidSound LS41 Gaming Headset Review. The LS35X nails design so succinctly, it's hard to find anything to complain about. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that LucidSound LS35X is a more popular headset, based on its reviews. A reader takes a look at what should have been the first wireless headset for the Xbox One but encounters some troubling problems.. Score. At $179 they're expensive, but this is a cool, capable headset with fantastic sound. The LucidSound LS35X is a great headset, but it's really best on the Xbox despite being cross-platform. If you’re looking for a gaming headset for Xbox One or Windows 10, the LucidSound LS35X are great—though I did experience occasional connectivity hiccups and, well, that’s about it. LucidSound’s gaming headset selection has been filled with quality models thus far. Just great. LucidSound LS30 review: A gaming headset intended to work well as a pair of normal headphones too. Great quality. There are a few headset manufacturers out there that include cooling gel, but LucidSound's generous application makes the LS35X feel like a cut above. The headset also comes with baked-in mic monitoring, which gives crisp feedback from your own voice to help you regulate your own volume levels. Summary: LucidSound LS35X is a great wireless gaming headset for the XBox One and XBox One X. Shop all the best Cyber Monday deals NOW. by Grant Gaines on August 1st, 2019. LucidSound's LS35X headset may be pricy but if you want a high quality and versatile headset then it's totally worth every cent. The range also seems to exceed its listed optimal distance, it allowed me to continue a Skype call despite moving into another room. By ComicBook Staff - December 2, 2018 08:01 pm EST. It's a high-end option with virtual 7.1 surround sound and robust audio. It also uses a dual microphone system for accurate recording/transmitting of your voice. Metal connectors give a sense of robustness missing from all-plastic competitors, and the on-ear dials and controls are intuitive and responsive, giving you access to volume, power, and sound mix at your finger tips. But LucidSound has been swift to act with a firmware update. Utilizing dark materials throughout, the LS35X sports a familiar design for anyone following LucidSound's design conventions over the years. However, they're still primarily for Xbox wireless, as the LS35Xs’ wired connection won't work with a lot of newer mobile devices. Playing games like Battlefield V, and Hellblade, both of which benefit immeasurably from positional audio, the LucidSound LS35X provides the same sort of tactical advantages and rich, immersive experiences you get with any quality high-end headset. The LS35X has received some flack since launch, and rightly so for the reported connectivity issues. When LucidSound announced the LS50X at last year’s E3, I was both surprised and worried. ... As an Xbox owner, the LucidSound LS35X is a better option thanks to the fully wireless and dongle free connection. Sign up now to get the latest news, deals & more from Windows Central! The LS50X combines the proprietary Xbox Wireless signal with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you … LucidSound already had a winning formula, but the LS35X feels like perfecting those leading standards. 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