I set up my shot just outside of the bright light that spills in. “Minimize distractions by choosing backgrounds that are simple in colour. Hey Mohini. Tell a story You can adjust your light levels by tapping any section of the image on the screen. I'm obsessed with noodles, improv comedy, and traveling carry-on only. Thank you for another amazingly helpful article! Sometimes it’s as simple as using a single item thoughtfully, like my son’s half eaten cookie. I wanted to convey both the celebration & the messiness of our meals – every meal with little kids, really. If you happen to be at a restaurant & feel comfortable, try & find a good window seat. 16.9k Followers, 7,452 Following, 1,208 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Pink Lady® Food Photo awards (@foodphotoaward) 1. Whether you love flatlays (photos taken from that bird’s eye view) or shots that focus on one dish, use angles to help create your Instagram feed’s signature style. Photo by That Clean Life’s recipe developer extraordinaire, LeChing Vuong. It naturally won’t be as sharp & your white balance won’t be perfect but there are some apps that have great filters that can help you come close. 4. In this shot, we were the only people at the ice cream shop so I used one hand to cover the light bulb that was hanging directly over our table & the other hand to snap the shot. We’ve all been there. You don’t need Lightroom or Photoshop to edit your photos like a pro. May 30, 2018 - Are you a food Instagrammer? Fresh fish on the charcoal fire pit, sweet potatoes wrapped in foil, green grass & of course, my Birkies. I can’t wait to follow them and more. When I first started snapping pics of food on my feed, they really weren’t anything special. do you do it from above? What do you think about this article http://fixthephoto.com/blog/retouch-tips/how-to-edit-food-photos.html, what is technique when you actually take the pic? 95.3k Followers, 286 Following, 538 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Food (@food) Use a reflector 3. His dishes are elaborate, fantastic comfort food with a twist. View this post on Instagram. But at the same time, you also need to know when to remove items to increase your photo’s strength. I love that my youngest son is sitting on the table – the only way he could compete with getting any food next to my older kids. Then I got to the bottom and saw that Trisha from Eat Your Beets was the the one that wrote this and it all made perfect sense why everything looked awesome. Thank you for this superb article, so incredibly useful. Food photography is no longer reserved just for the pros. You don't need expensive equipment or be a professional photographer. “It has soft shadows versus direct sunlight which creates harsh, unflattering shadows. Download a free app like Later, and start thinking about how each image will fit in with your feed. Leave a comment with your best tip below. One bright & one much darker. Lots of originality and creativity in your feed, thanks for sharing the secrets!! Hey Andrea, I get my vinyls from Swanky Prints off etsy! One of my favourite food accounts is @naturally.jo. Another time this worked great for me was when I didn’t have any ingredients to make frosting for my daughter’s birthday cake so instead I just cut up some fresh fruit & it created this beautiful image on the cake. His Instagram account is more about food than photography alone. The thing I love about Instagram is that your food doesn’t have to look the same way it does when you’re shooting with a DSLR. Learning how to cook? One gets the sense that his images and the recipes he creates are about inventing new ways to push the boundaries while remaining true to his first passion cooking. Search my virtual archives on business, Instagram growth, Instagram monetization, and entrepreneurship – OR – see how we can work together here. “Don’t be afraid to ask for the window seat at a restaurant and tell them why. I took it with my iPhone & edited it in my phone. Your amazing dish arrives at the table, and while all you want to do is eat, you still want to get that #foodporn shot. Other times it’s a full blown food styling session complete with props, linens & fancy plates. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW DID YOU GET THAT EFFECT. I’m going to share some of the secrets & tricks I’ve learned along the way to help you create beautiful food Instagram feed! Do you love snapping food with your phone? These exceptional Instagram photographers capture food photography that goes beyond the meals themselves, instead presenting the full story surrounding them. Use ideas like the rule of thirds or leading lines to serve as inspiration. Everyone from world leaders to celebrities to your Aunt Mabel seems to be posting snapshots of the latest, most scrumptious treats they’re about to consume. Rising with the popularity of Instagram, food photography became prominent among amateurs and professional photographers. Thanks so much for sharing! Hey Melanie, I get my vinyls from Swanky Prints on etsy! Lean how to create the best Lighting setups for DIY studios at your home. Dani Meyer, food blogger, professional food photographer and recipe developer from The Adventure Bite, says to always use natural light as much as possible. http://fixthephoto.com/blog/retouch-tips/how-to-edit-food-photos.html. London-based food and travel photographer Sarka Babicka, populates her Instagram feed with images of irresistible dishes that are all the more impressive because she … I order my vinyls from Swanky Prints on etsy! Also, the birthday boy has a serious dino obsession so no image of his morning was going to happen without a dinosaur or two. Pick your hero and focus the photo around that by pulling that item to the front of your scene with any garnishes falling off behind the main focus.”. through tend to be fortunate to have you‘re getting these types of http://www.glorystarbet.net/, Such great tips! Either way, it’s important to take the time to compose each shot instead of just snapping your morning cereal straight on, in your bowl. Food photography: 7 tips for Instagram. Really great article. You could also take a bite out of your food or use movement like pouring a cup of coffee to make your angle more interesting. Who else just sheepishly raised their hand? Sell more of your programs, get booked out with clients, and build a money-making brand on the world’s #1 social media platform. This board will provide you all the best tips, Ideas and tutorials on shooting beautiful pictures with your phone or camera to improve your food photography skills to capture Instagram worthy photos Instagram Food Photography tips. I traded my rolly chair and office cardigan for that 6-figure entrepreneur life. I love telling stories with my food shots. That’s perfect for what I need! I’m a new subscriber for sure! Every meal in our house is crazy & chaotic – we have 4 kids! Talking about yo, 10 Instagram Reels Content Ideas for Business. Checking your Instagram or Facebook feed, you’re almost certain to see a constant barrage of food pictures scrolling by like images in a slot machine. Home » Lifestyle » Food Photography: 7 Tips for Instagram. His followers know what to expect from him and sticking to this feed design has helped him create a strong and recognizable brand. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. ⁠ Hi it was a pleasure reading your post if you could tell me how did you take or edit the picture where u have alligned the cherries into a 4. But the struggle for taking the perfect food photo is … Once I’m in there I can adjust my brightness, contrast & temperature. When working with split lighting, decide where you’d like your phone to ‘meter’ off of. If I’m shooting something where I want contrast lighting I will usually take 2 images. This Melbourne-based food blogger creates the most aesthetically-pleasing ingredient art for her original recipes. The 7 most Instagrammable spots in New Jersey - 7 great places to take Instagram photos when on your travels in the American state 7. This beautiful feed is a display of gourmet pics with a sensual approach that’s so evocative it’s almost visceral. :), Thank you! All the beautiful food Instagram feeds have one thing in common: they have a consistent Instagram look. Filled with beautifully-lit dishes, artfully-composed flatlays, and mouthwatering details, these must-follow accounts will definitely fuel your appetite for stunning food photography. A post shared by Armstrong Pitts Studios (@armstrongpittsstudios) on Jan 24, 2017 at 12:29pm PST. Don’t be afraid of shadows Read more food photography tips – Eat Pretty Things. He uses the same grey background for each of his shots, only rotates between two angles and doesn’t change his editing style. Among the most talented Instagram food photographers I’ve ever seen, @canellevanille ’s captures recall cozy dinners with loved ones. Thanks for sharing! The biggest concern when choosing the right filter is you don’t want to pick one that’s tinted that will make your food look pink, blue or purple. ③ “The app that totally upped our Instagram game is Facetune.. Intended for editing faces, we actually use this app for food photography. Shoot under an awning, under a tree, or back a few feet from a window in a restaurant if the sun is streaming through. There is a lot that goes into creating those beautiful photos of food that flood your feed. My house is always messy but my sense of humor makes up for it. For the 4th of July I hadn’t made any festive desserts or red, white & blue anything that day but knowing I wanted to post something I just lined up some fresh cherries into a 4! Want to get more shadow? I love your creativity! I started my blog, Eat Your Beets, as an excuse to get my husband to give up gluten. *This post contains affiliate links. And for both seasoned and amateur food photographers, nowhere is that philosophy more front and center than on the feeds of these 30 drool-worthy Instagram accounts. I also like to use multiple apps to get just the right look. If you’d use a reflector in dlsr photography, why not in iPhoneography! The overhead angle is perfect for capturing what’s in the bowl.”. You may be surprised to see how using shadows & the right apps to edit your pictures, you can create a contrasted image quite easily. EJ Armstrong and Scott Pitts’s collaborations have resulted in some of Seattle’s most eye-catching food photography. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Love, love, love this post! Write out a message in mustard. 5 food porn tips worth giving a try | Instagram food photography Food porn tips: #1. Here are some basic food styling tips that you can use to take your Instagram or Blog food photography to the next level...instantly! Food photography is no longer reserved just for the pros. No matter how much time you’ve taken to arrange the perfect composition of delectable treats, if your lighting is poor, your photo won’t turn out how you want it. You may get teased for snapping a photo before you begin your meal, but food blogs and food-based social media accounts have massive followings online. Food plays a central role in social relationships and even religious practices within most cultures across the globe. By working to create an inspirational foodie feed, I’ve been able to grow, make connections & push myself further & further with creativity. Once I realized I was pretty good at food photography I decided to help other’s turn that same passion into reality by writing my ebook, Eat Pretty Things. While Instagram now supports vertical and horizontal photos, the medium is still very much square. Thank you so much for the tips! I’ve partnered up with Abigail Hopkins from That Clean Life and Dani Meyer from The Adventure Bite to give you five of their best professional tips for crafting the perfect food photo. Sometimes I’ll even use two reflectors if my props start to create unwanted shadows. Take time to compose a shot Desserts to smoothies all together thank you for sharing this I’d love to read your book. Sharing three steps to master the perfect food photo/flatlay on Instagram! I typically use Snapseed first. Your email address will not be published. (Quick tip: while Lightroom for desktop is not free, the Lightroom app for Android or IOS is completely free! I really love using VSCO or A Color Story. This is where you get to step outside of showing your bacon & eggs every morning for breakfast. The rise of accounts entirely dedicated to food ignited a cultural phenomenon that would ultimately change the way America eats. Raise your hand if you’ve recently been out to a meal with your friends or family. Do something creative & unusual that you might not think of initially. By tapping any section of the image on your screen you’ll see the image adjust to whatever light you touched. Today, food photography has become an art and these Instagram artists have demonstrated how to properly stage a meal and displays food that is rich with color. Abigail Hopkins, co-founder of That Clean Life and a Culinary Nutrition Expert, says her favourite is the aerial shot. Amazing, right?). Turn off those harsh, overhead, indoor lights. This is my favorite thing about food styling. Here’s a link:https://www.etsy.com/shop/SwankyPrints, THANK YOU!! All images shown here were taken with my iPhone 5. This post makes me really hungry)I would use your strategy and advices for my IG. Look for natural light Too often, when we’re snapping food with our phones, we forget one of the most important factors in getting a great image – light! I’m a midwestern girl who’s traveled the globe. Therefore, we have collected some tips from experts to help you ace your Instagram food photography game! Great tips, thanks for the post! Tap the brightest light. thax. Sometimes it’s setting the scene for my 4 year old’s birthday breakfast. I never realized all your photos were taken with an iPhone – they’re beautiful!! Story telling is a great way to connect with your audience as well as pull them into each photo so they want to know more! You don’t run the risk of wasting time this way. Food photography—or as I like to call it, foodtography—was among the earliest Instagram trends. I also can rotate my image or correct the horizon. (Or any camera, actually.) Hope that helps! Super excited… thanks for making my day. In any event, it’s not exactly rocket science to promote and make money on your food-IG nowadaays: to follow a a thought-out strategy and use third-party apps, e.g. But the struggle for taking the perfect food photo is real. Add character and dimension to your food photos by doing more than just snapping a picture of your food when it arrives. Yes, your phone can actually meter off light in the image! Is there any chance you can peek at my IG feed and give me insight into what you see to narrow down my branding? Best hashtags for use with #foodphotography are #foodphotography #foodporn #food #foodie #foodstagram #foodblogger #instafood #foodlover #yummy #delicious #foodgasm #homemade #foodies #instagood #foodiesofinstagram #foodpics #healthyfood #tasty #dinner #indianfood #cooking #love #foodstyling #dessert #lunch #foodblog #breakfast #bhfyp #instagram … Some food Instagrammers prefer doing the same thing for each shot to create consistency, while others like alternating between different shot angles, colours and textures. Food, kiddos, cute shoes & food. Too often, when we’re snapping food with our phones, we forget one of the most important factors in getting a great image – light! These food photographers have inspired many to great their own photography or explore the … An Instagram, obviously. 6. If you’re cooking at home, stock up on interesting looking props. Make sure to include these elements in your shot. I love this post!! Abigail says, “In this photo of Mexican Street Corn Soup, LeChing uses the perfect amount of natural light and is meticulous with styling, using bright ingredients, a layered background and a colourful garnish. A quick glance through my Instagram feed & it’s not hard to decipher what I’m all about. Food is life. amazing pictures Trisha, i liked them a lot! 1. Use the right apps Because I sure can. Think outside of the box and try new angles to help work out your food photography style. This is a great post…so comprehensive and helpful! Instagram is full of carefully styled photos featuring some of the world’s most delicious dishes. This will help keep your shots from looking flat or having unappetizing color casts. Thank you in advance for supporting Click it Up a Notch. When adjusting your contrast, exposure, highlights or colour saturation, make sure the photo still looks realistic. So without further ado, here’s how to style your Instagram food photos like a pro! I know, it’s fussy, but once you get used to the filters you love, it’s easy! THANKX:). Sign up for my free Instagram Masterclass for all the growth tactics I used to grow my account to over 60K followers in a year! I was wondering the same thing. Tap the darkest shadows on your screen. I’d love to know what you’re using for some of your backdrops here…. What motivates me each day is helping YOU get paid – all through the power of the internet. @real_fit_mama Thank you again! Even just giving a sneak peak into how we cook when we’re camping tells a story. Using a condiment? My brand is real food, fitness and motherhood. Zengram for incresing real followers and Hootsuite for managing. Don’t just stop there though. Do something unusual Avoid the ugly orange restaurant lights at all costs!”. I love your use of the vinyls – checking etsy now! From napkins to marble worktops, it’s small background details that can really make a food photo on Instagram pop. This story is about showing how we eat on a road trip. Turn off those harsh, overhead, indoor lights. #beautifulfood. Hey Christine, This is great and it helps me a lot! It’s very easy to add light back into an image but it’s much harder to bring something back from being blown out or over exposed. From here, it was inevitable that we would see an increase in people who have perfected the (often dreaded) Instagram grid using techniques like the checkerboard (alternating black and white squares), ombre/rainbow feed, split-image format and even just good-old beautiful, crisp, clear professional food photography. It might surprise you but I do actually take the time to set up each of my food shots. With tons of food photographers ranging from amateurs to star chefs, it's easy to discover a new recipe, get creative and try something new for dinner tonight. Use these unique elements to your advantage to help your photos stand out from the masses. Thanks for sharing. Read more food photography tips – Eat Pretty Things. Create an account or log in to Instagram - A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family. She also recommends playing around with diffused light. A showcase for Mel's Food & Travel blog, this Instagram account highlights local food delicacy from around the world.One day you might experience a photo of the candied fruit snack Bing tang hu lu against a beautiful backdrop of Shanghai, on another, it’s Portuguese egg tarts in Macau. Try & find your best source of natural light in your house. “It’s easy to use and has lots of custom options available,” she says. By moving my reflector board around I can bounce the window light into the shadows in my frame. It didn’t work. Instead of taking a typical photo of a poached egg, break open the yolk to add some dimension that will make viewers hunger for your meal. I also keep an inexpensive, sheer curtain panel handy to help diffuse the outdoor light. It’s easy, great for showing off the dish, and you don’t have to worry about catching anything distracting in the background.”. This is really helpful! I have had the same idea and would love to learn to snap pretty food healthy eating appealing to the eye that would inspire people to eat healthier and share recipes that create all kinds of food fro. Can you please tell me how you made or where you got those backgrounds for the shots the wooden ones? So how do you up your Instagram food photography game? When we travel it’s easier to hit the rest stops for snacks & running off steam. Thanks for putting together great tips. on Aug 20, 2018 in Inspiration Instagram is the perfect place to find mouth-watering inspiration. Does the restaurant serve its dishes with vintage cutlery or on beautiful wooden boards? This may be a specific subject type (such as architecture, travel, food, fashion, people, or sports) or a particular style of photography (such as black-and-white, film, or minimalist photography). ... 25 Instagram photo hubs and hashtags to follow to help promote your photography on … Okay… now be honest: raise your hand if you spent a solid 5 minutes or so trying to get the perfect shot of your meal when it arrived. Ah, I am still stuck at what to narrow my photos down to. Nonetheless http://www.bakarat.org/ the way in which remedies tend to be discovered to manage just about almost most the strategies is typically precisely what problems. Increasingly, photographers are experimenting with unusual props that create abstract and high-concept food images, such as an unconventional take on the time-honored still-life which shows decomposing food instead. From finding the perfect background to making the meal actually look appetizing, there’s a lot more that goes into those drool-worthy photos than we see on our mobile screens. Making a consistent Instagram feed is easy when you know what to pay attention to (like the background of your photos and the colors). You don’t even need to buy a real reflector if you’re not sure you’ll use it. Light your food from one side or slightly from the back side.”, Photo from Dani Meyer at The Adventure Bite (@adventurebite). “It’s my go-to angle for food photography. you’ve been so absolutely helpful. Taught by … Want to add more light to your image? Stop feeling frustrated with your DSLR. 5. Sitting next to a big, bright window will help keep your image well lit but too often restaurants also have yellowish overhead lights above each table. After finding the best spot of natural light to set up my shot, I get out my reflectors. Once I’m done there, I’ll open Afterlight & choose a couple of my favorite filters to layer. Like food, this trend sees photographers instilling a sense of … Food photography workshops can serve as an alternative training route, but aspiring professionals with degrees may also participate. Check out these 14 easy food photography hacks to help you brag about it! Can I also ask where you got your faux wood backdrop that you use for the “reflector” shots?? Your email address will not be published. Instagram is full of carefully styled photos featuring some of the world’s most delicious dishes. WOOT! I want the light to be in my shot but not so harsh it gets blown out. It’s a minor thing you can do that will have a major impact on the success of your Instagram account. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Excellent tips and photography. Required fields are marked *. I typically snap all my food shots on the floor of my eat in kitchen area where I have 4 windows & curtains to help adjust my light. I’m always trying to get better pics of my food on my iPhone. :). And rightly so! All of these apps have a range of preset filters that make editing your photos quick and easy. Interest in food photography is on the rise thanks to platforms like Instagram and the ability to snap a quick photo of every meal thanks to smartphones. Snapseed is one of Dani’s favourite apps. Dani from The Adventure Bite says, “Food styling can be tricky when you add too many components. If you’re seeking to one-up your food photography game, you may not need much to make an impact. But don’t go overboard with your edits. I am guilty of being one of those annoying people that always has to photograph some yummy food! Can you please tell me how you made or where you got those backgrounds for the shots the http://www.gapleqiuqiu.com/ wooden ones? You might be tempted to embark on the Instagram food photography community. Seriously, can you smell this apple cake? I can’t wait to read them all when I’m not at work. Let me help you with this FREE webclass. 6,532 Followers, 912 Following, 375 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Food Photography (@foodphotographystudio) Keep the camera you have and don’t add any gear to … Wood, concrete, plain tablecloths and even a city skyline can work,” says Dani. 2. Learn the EXACT techniques that I use everyday to photograph my kids. It wasn’t until I started applying the same principles to iPhoneography that I used in shooting food with my DSLR, that people really started to take notice of what I was snapping. But given the amount of food porn on there, the social photography network is less like a pair of skinny jeans and more like a pair of basic-as-hell jeans. The importance of natural lighting 1,570 Followers, 646 Following, 95 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Food Photography Prop Shop (@foodphotographypropshop) Feed design is one of the first things I teach my students in my InstaGrowth Boss course. 30 essential Instagram accounts every food photographer should follow. I was looking through all these photos thinking “wow, these are all so pretty!” Then I edit the best one in an app. Improve your instagram food photography skills with these 5 simple tips: Sometimes the struggle for taking the perfect food photo is real. these are all fabulous tips my dear! My husband jokes that he hasn’t had a hot meal since 2009 :) 9 tips for taking beautiful Instagram photos of people, Each year, without fail, online shopping on Black, 6 reasons why a Black Friday promotion helps (not, You’d expect the “how it’s going” to just, You've seen my posts and videos on HOW to make a R. There was a time when I was terrified of the red, My grade 7 teacher said this to me with a smile: ", 2020 IS THE YEAR OF ⤵️⁠ Very good!! I started the post talking about natural light & trying to get the best light possible, but I don’t want to encourage you to shy away from the shadows either! You can still see a slightly yellow color cast next to my coffee, but I only took one shot & my hand was able to cover most of the bulb. Also, even though most of our food has to be packaged on the road, we still make an attempt to eat as healthy as possible. Every day I get to create a tiny image of beautiful food that people can come back to view again & again. It’s all about the lighting in food photography. I really like the ‘relic’ & ‘russ’ filters. Take a moment to frame the image. Try the rule of thirds.. Start thinking like a food stylist. Food photos are some of the most popular content on websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. I use an inexpensive piece of foam board I got from a craft store! I don’t take many food pics when I’m at a restaurant, mainly because it can be disruptive to other people & I’m too busy wrangling 4 children anyway. I used a piece of white foam board from the craft store & placed the cherries in the pattern. Look for natural light
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