attack especially the one with ineffective encryption system. )|i�H#i\y�ARz��a(�'n�bλ=u;�×6����弶�l�~�;��N�_!��~�H����E��Π���8�������"����Mn�Q%�uB8�a�b����R��t��ݒ��nA��Hn�w�R��Hx�Vh�c�]��>�H�#�O��Cc+��H#?�u{�o����G}X�m��7 ��_��%������m�{���+{�����A�k��Rat]�g����}�1u�U���8eX���| ^�=�a�. In this paper, the Methods of using cloud computing in e-government has been studied and it's been attempted to identify the challenges and benefits of the cloud to get used in the e-government and proposals have been offered to overcome its shortcomings, encourage and partnership of governments and people to use this economical and new technology. Some of the security risks and attacks organizations are faced with are data breaches, malware injection attacks, Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, SQL injection, authentication attack and data losses. 2 BENEFITS Reduced Total … launching an instance on a cloud. 64 0 obj <>stream change the query structure. INTRODUCTION Cloud Computing is quickly becoming one of the most popular and promising technologies. In the Platform as a Service (PaaS) customer need to know how much processing unit memory or storage they require for installing applications, while they are provided necessary resourcessoftware, hardware, operating system, server, deployment tools and database etc. In this paper a short presentation of Cloud Computing and advantages for SMEs (part 1), the objectives of the European project IN-CLOUD (part 2) and the work in progress within this project are presented. required to improve and automate the traditional ways of doing business. In terms of the economic aspect, the deployment of cloud computing can avoid the need for high investment cost for constructing a data centre [138, ... Up till 2018, about 94 % of organizations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) have integrated cloud services into their business model [140]. Even though the cloud paradigm and its associated services has as a competitive tool for rapid development [71]. Especially in this competiti. their personal information, credit card information and also encrypted password [86]. h�bbd``b`�$��. This research proposed a trustworthy model for reliable cloud service discovery. Advantages of Cloud Computing. This reflective practice is about the benefits and challenges of cloud computing. Challenges facing cloud computing haven’t just been concentrated in one, single cloud. It calls for less investment and a harvest of benefits. advantages but it does not mean that there are no drawbacks. “ Introduction Simply put, cloud computing is access on demand via a network or the internet to services such as software functionality, computer processing and data storage. Some of these are shown in the fol major issues with regard to authenticating users’ critical data. Since all cloud processes are done by computers, the users do not, responsibilities to ensure that cloud, To prevent this, a special and distinct number should be generated at login session [9]. provision while a normal physical server will take days. Besides, the organizations pay only for what t, services that they use when they access cloud services. services hosted [90]. Let’s quickly take a look at the major benefits and challenges of this sea change in computing. Nowadays not just large organizations, but even small and medium size businesses are looking forward to adopt an economical computing resource for their business application, i.e. rules and regulations can reduce the risks of improper use of cloud computational power. As a result of this aggregated study, it is clear that cloud adoption improves the HRM, allows the SMEs to expand, manage HRs in a flexible way, provides easy decision-making for the managers, and increases the productivity of the enterprise. The benefits of cloud computing for the company, because the organization is faced with the need for high processing capabilities, large storage capabilities, Furthermore, this work proposes to standardize and modularize industrial data infrastructure for smart energy savings. 50 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<098E746B65F6DA31D494469A9594919C>]/Index[35 30]/Info 34 0 R/Length 78/Prev 228072/Root 36 0 R/Size 65/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream It premises to increase the speed with which the applications are deployed, increased creativity, innovation, lower cost all the while increasing business acumen. Therefore, this paper focuses on some cloud-based HRM within SMEs and explores the advantages and challenges of adopting such emerged technology. Our results provide guidance for providers on how to successfully manage customers' concerns in this highly competitive market. Cloud computing, the awaiting need of computing as a best utility has the potential to take a large leap While analysing these challenges, security of data is the most tedious work in cloud computing. (2010) and Antonopoulos and Gillam (2010) list the following benefits of adopting cloud computing for business owners: 1. which a server authenticates and allows a user to use a single aspect of login credentials, for example, to access multiple services in the Current methods and data infrastructures for industrial energy savings were comprehensively reviewed to showcase the potential for a more accurate and effective digital twin-based infrastructure for the industry. 1. Every time. solutions also provided in this paper to overcome the drawbacks. The Real Challenges and Benefits of Cloud Computing to Law Firms “ Issues around data security remain as one of the biggest concerns about using the cloud. this identity can easily be used to log into other web-based The state of multi-cloud has grown exponentially in recent years. Current paper proposes a back up plan required for overcoming the security issues in cloud computing. is matched with the instance requested from [40]. the benefits and challenges of cloud computing. To have a good relationship at Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and to have better practices, using Human Resource Management (HRM) is the option to have them thereby enhancing individual/organizational effectiveness. Cloud computing has been Shared resources: Computing resources are pooled together & used by many end-users. associated with the security of SSO might be detrimental if, for All the transactions carried out in the system are confirmed by consensus mechanisms, and the data once stored cannot be altered. Cloud computing environment provides a great flexibility and availability of computing resources at a lower cost. The novelty of this work is the current context of industrial energy savings was extended towards cutting-edge technologies for Industry 4.0. Generally, many SMEs are struggling to survive in an ongoing global recession and are often reluctant to release or pay for staff training. allows users to be logged into applications as per their sessions. This provides a promising future for the development of a digital twin-based energy-saving system in the industry. The service providers themselves can add hardware as their demands increase. Cloud Computing offers many opportunities and could help companies to improve their business and use technology more efficiently In this chapter, learning methods particularly E-Learning in European SMEs is described in part 1. services are provided and shared with ot, found that the services delivered are manageable and consistent available. In order for an enterprise to get the best out of its employees and gain a high return of its investment, the Human Resources (HR) should be well managed. 1. Some novel insights are revealed through this case study and recommendations are provided accordingly. Here, are important benefits for using Cloud computing in your organization: Cloud Computing Cost Savings. This study aims to investigate how cloud computing is understood by IT professionals and the concerns that IT professionals have in regard to the adoption of cloud services. We identify privacy, security and availability concerns as the major sources of these uncertainties. The result of the comparison suggested that AWS fits the needs of large companies due to their vast global reach, Microsoft windows azure is suitable for startups and best fits organizations using Window servers, Google app engine is the most cost-efficient and suitable for developers of web based software and applications, IBM cloud appealed to users because of its unique virtualization and private cloud services. approach that unifies SSO with MFA in this context. Cloud computing is like solution to get over the obstacles. -by the service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine, and Microsoft azure, ... Due to the security risks associated with cloud, organizations are reluctant to accept cloud computing as this normally entails letting a third party look after their important data [3]. organizations and increase the growth of business thus help the organizations to stay competitive. Briefly, Software as a Service (SaaS), sitting at the top of the service models, does not require software and hardware facilities and also its customers do not control components, security and applicationcustomization. will be provided by service providers [17]. But due to constantly increase in the popularity of cloud computing there is an ever growing risk of security becoming a main and top issue. Compared to the. 4 Challenges and Benefits of a Cloud Application Architecture Platform file(s) 4.73 MB Cloud applications have completely changed the way companies approach technology, and particularly, the way in which applications are designed. However, enterprise data are increasing enormously, therefore flexibility, scalability, cost of money, and efficiency are crucial challenges faced by SMEs. an important role especially in business. Cloud computing operates on a similar principle as web-based email clients, allowing users to access all of the features and files of the system without having to keep the bulk of that system on their own computers. Methodology: This is a descriptive survey of businesses, forming a questionnaire for 99 companies in the service … In this survey, we have also developed architecture integrating blockchain with cloud revealing the communication between blockchain and cloud. Hence, discovering a reliable service is a daunting task. Mark-up Language (SAML). cloud). Also some health related security laws, security mechanisms, advantages and limitations of security mechanisms for all categories are presented.CONCLUSION: This paper will be helpful to do further researches in the research area of e-health system as it consists of the analysis of security mechanisms, security laws, advantages and limitations of the security mechanisms. applications, and this requires the use of the Security Assertion 1. The hackers will use the improper validation of data to take advantage. In recent years, cloud computing has developed from the promising business concept that it used to be, to one of Information Technology (IT) industry's most developing section. Cloud computing increases agility by offering three types of low-level administrations from cloud, in a business environment. Therefore, its security has become the main concern as the data should not be accessible to unauthorized person.OBJECTIVES: To provide a brief knowledge on the security aspects of cloud-based e-health systems for further improvement in the field of e-health system security.METHODS: This paper presents a literature survey on secure cloud-based e-health systems including ninety-four research papers related to secure cloud-based e-health systems collected from different sources till 2019.RESULTS: The security mechanisms used to secure cloud-based e-health systems are divided into three categories (i.e., crypto, non-crypto, and biometric-based). Every service provider will use three. The study also showed that one of the most important advantages of cloud adoption for SMEs is reduced cost while the most crucial barrier is security. Data stealing has become a major issue in cloud computing. Reasons for Adopting Cloud Computing [66]. Blockchain technology is the necessary technology behind Bitcoin, which is a popular digital Cryptocurrency. It enables the user to share the distributed resources and services which belongs to different organization. Cloud Computing Challenges - Cloud computing, an emergent technology, has placed many challenges in different aspects of data and information handling. Simply put, cloud computing is computing based on the internet. Since cloud computing is almost compulsory in this era for business operations, virtually every organization uses in one way or the other. Cloud computing was found to be viable for Company X. Some organizations will upload files to clo, increase in threat of theft. Cloud computing is a rapidly growing field in the Information technology sector. The Challenges of Cloud Storage Given the obvious benefits of Cloud Storage, raises the question as to why haven’t more organizations already adopted cloud storage for on-premises applications and alleviate present expensive storage. Some Wrapping attack can be prevented by enhancing the security between the communication with the. This research provides an overview of the cloud deployment model, the services they offer and discusses the security issues and challenges of cloud computing in both data storage and virtual applications/servers. This work reveals that too much research attention was invested in making data-driven models, as supposed to ensuring the quality of industrial data. layer to get the server busy and send fake requests to the application layer to consume the servers’, According to [91], data privacy risks can be illustrated, insufficient user control and regulatory compliance. This paper reports a case study of a small e-learning service provider and its four clients in Taiwan. ''Cloud computing is a practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.'' diffusion of cloud computing. The main challenge to cloud computing is how it addresses the security and privacy concerns of businesses thinking of adopting it. in organizations expenses are avoided using cloud computing. %PDF-1.5 %���� Cost saving is the biggest benefit of cloud computing. Cost. The problem that this paper addresses is the lack of a proactive Figure 5 illustrates the percentage of key concerns issues in cloud computing. It doesn't store any data on the hard disk of your personal computer. to market demands. Here are some of the ways that cloud computing addresses the pain points of today’s IT environment. Security is the major played by the cloud while transferring the data. Benefits and drawbacks of cloud computing in business will be explored in this paper. Basically it’s a new concept of providing virtualized resources to the consumers. Cloud computing improves organizations performance by utilizing minimum resources and management support, with a shared network, valuable resources (The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing, 2009), bandwidth, software’s and hardware’s in a cost effective manner and limited service provider dealings. Cloud computing is a computing environment which provides availability, scalability, and flexibility of computer reassures at a deferent level of abstraction with low running cost. Developers with advanced ideas need not be perceptive about non utility of costly resource for the service which does not provide to the need and expectation. INTRODUCTION Cloud Computing comes as a great deal of relief to businesses with lots of benefits. Journal of Security and Its Applications, interested research areas are pediatrics a, ... Sixth, CC thus stands for Reduced Management Efforts because dynamic nature of the CC to flexibly handle hardware failures spares of the need for humanintervention. Cloud network traffic will be pernicious to the performance of cloud. However, the users are, efficiency, more reliable, cost reduction and lower complexity [32,96]. the business benefits of cloud computing, and outlines cloud architecture and its major components. hެVm��8�+��N'�/�G��XZ�V:��]+����.�S (Iu�_������eɀ���T2�c�����H�Fd�K+���'��e*j�� ŀ+��8D�SPD���2-��Jw���V�‡�{nn�&k�q�2��3f嶱g���=��“�{R�kOj�� �W�*5��;#�ܐ�M�6�%����f��o7D���r;�^g�y��,���{�����I'�6����,������y�xlu'��l� #�l����O�}KJ�[�Y#��ٺ�D�;__��#�hEԾx����h鸳l���X�SÝ�>��l����� �{ 15-20. Users do, 2.1.3. Cloud users are faced with the dilemma of selecting a suitable platform that meets their specifications. Benefits, Challenges, Cloud Computing, Deployment Models, Service Models. Cloud computing can be defined as a computing method to provide computing as the utility to meet the everyday needs of the general business community. Cloud computing has played a major role in solving the inefficiencies problem in Drawing on, Small enterprises play an important role in the technology innovation and economic development of most countries all over the world, particularly in Taiwan. To fulfill the above-stated issues, it is a good idea to utilize cloud computing services to handle the massive data in order to improve HRM where the data stored at a central location (i.e. This paper seeks to identify and explore important security issues and challenges facing cloud computing, a 1 of 12 12/14/2015 10:45 AM now fairly mature technology, along with the methods employed in industry to combat these problems. The health data records are kept in a semi-trusted third-party supplier (i.e., cloud). This is to check whether the OS information stored on the cloud. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). [30] found that cloud computing is able to. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. Cloud computing is the web-based computing for sharing the data between the client and the server. Now that the world economy was hit by recession, the victims of this tragedy continually understand that by just outsourcing or tapping the cloud resources, a package of virtualise, elastic, instant on-demand provision, and scalable; infrastructure, platform, and software can be access fast and easy inform of services at a negligible amount via the internet. stored. Whereas Taiwan has been promoting cloud computing to help Taiwanese enterprises adopt more effective information technologies, we found that the service strategies of small cloud service providers are individually differentiated in order to survive in the competitive cloud computing market. No upfront investment cost – cloud service providers tend to use a pay-as-you-go pricing model, which means users can rent only what they need. interacted using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and submitted in. According to a survey carried out by Gartner [7], more than 70% of Chief Technical Officers believed that the primary reason for not Even in long term business relationships, it is difficult for users to judge the true qualities, intentions and actions of cloud providers. While there have been several studies on the factors influencing the adoption of information systems by In this paper, security issues, challenges, risk and threat have been discussed. GENERAL OVERVIEW OF CLOUD COMPUTING Before I began my research for this reflection, I really had very little knowledge about cloud computing. SAML is basically a standard that The findings also suggest that most IT companies in Taiwan will not adopt cloud computing until the uncertainties associated with cloud computing, e.g. ;��(�H��ڸ�6GCGCC�P�s�G ��|`cv1 ��d�bVb`�b6b�eNdz�y����RM�a�+@����X���� �Ϩ` ��� Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, deployed in pursuing each priority, and the possible costs-impacts and potential returns-impacts of mechanism deployment in the context of each priority. SaaS is popular due to its scalability, compatibility, accessible worldwide and the users. It offers variety of opportunities that help the organizations to improve … Companies are shifting or combining public and private clouds and, as mentioned earlier, tech giants like Alibaba and Amazon are leading the way. While cloud services such as webmail, Flickr and YouTube have been widely used by individuals for some time, it not until relatively recently that organisations have began to use cloud services as a tool for meeting their IT needs. Posted on November 7, 2015 by kacovic. Cloud programming models promise to democratize the web, enabling end user application development that supports enterprise and even Internet scale applications. Some of the stated benefits are closely related, and I have summarized the major ones here: Scalability and elasticity – Cloud is massively scalable, and allows organizations to grow their users from a handful to hundreds virtually overnight. Figure 1 illustrates the architecture of cloud computing. This means that there is no need to provide for extr… Hacking and various attacks to cloud infrastructure would affect multiple clients even if only one site is attacked. Seventh, the utilization of CC results in Reduced Environmental Effect because its operations reduce carbon footprint, while assuring better uses of hardware resources with flexibility.Finally, CC ensures Better hardware Resources Utilization, for one host server with higher capacity can replace several other servers as virtual machines, ... Benefits of the 'economies of scale' are used and applied as the advantage of size with priority parameters of price, know-how, and the like' [29].Operationally speaking, CC provides three types of service and fourdeployment models [30], as shown in Table 4. Businesses, especially smaller ones, need to be aware of these aspects before going in for this technology. The benefits of cloud computing have been spelled out extensively over a long time. Overall, our study confirms that the principal-Agent theory is a very fruitful theoretical perspective to explain post-Adoption phenomena in an IT world where digital services begin to substitute IT products. base score index conducted over Common Vulnerability Scoring The measures taken to reduce the risk is also been discussed in this paper. Also introduced are the benefits and challenges associated with cloud computing, and for those seeking to use communications services in the cloud, briefly presented are different ways of determining the interfaces needed to use these communications services . A traditional computing environment requires a costly infrastructure to offer a better service to users. benefits of cloud computing, as well as the ten risks and challenges associated with cloud computing. to manage their business efficiently. This was done in order to determine cloud computing’s viability for records management for Company X (The company in the case study). taken into consideration [6]. Although cloud computing can provide © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. %%EOF The study was carried out in Taiwan and used a survey by interview approach to understand IT professionals’ understandings and concerns about cloud computing. [96]. Thus technology is needed in Here are six common challenges you must consider before implementing cloud computing technology. by introducing a new concept of cloud computing in their environment. Our study helps individuals and organizations understand how cloud computing can provide them with customized, reliable and cost-effective services in a wide variety of applications. The ever-expanding market is probably due to the unique advantages offered by cloud computing technology. Another problem is the separated locations of HRs that result in a communication gap thus slow decision-making, inefficiency in data processing, and inability in reacting to the environmental challenges instantly. The enterprises tend towards cloud-based HR systems because the HR-data are enormous it has to be stored and accessed with ease ‫و]9[‬ [12] ‫.و‬ Cloud is an excellent technological method that assists the enterprise to stay competitive in a rapidly changing environment, While initial acceptance of information systems (IS) is an important step, the elimination of an upfront commitment implies that the success of cloud-based services depends on customers' continued use rather than the initial adoption. These risks can be mitigated by using security applications, encrypted file sys… control of the SSO credentials. International Journal of Information Management. However, as individuals and organizations embarked on the course of deploying their information and data into the cloud, anxieties are beginning to develop on whether the cloud environment is safe. security and standardisation are reduced and successful business models have emerged. The loss of business and downturn of economics almost occur every day. Lower operating cost – resources in the cloud can be allocated and reallocated on demand. Below, are my findings which I will discuss concerning this topic. The paper starts explaining the benefits of cloud computing and move towards the testing challenges faced by testers. Cloud computing provides facilities for the deployment but is also having performance issues which is major factor on cloud would try to resolve through framework customization. All figure content in this area was uploaded by Colin Ting Si Xue, All content in this area was uploaded by Colin Ting Si Xue on Dec 30, 2016. International Journal on Cloud Computing: Services and Architecture (IJCCSA) Vol. providers on one hand promotes competition in the cloud market and gives end users more freedom to choose the best cloud provider however it became a tedious and time consuming task for potential cloud users to evaluate and compare the available cloud offerings in the market. Besides, the account should be automatically locked after several unsuccessful login attempts. Global government efforts and policies are already inclining towards leveraging better industrial energy efficiencies and energy savings. Cloud computing is considered an important virtualisation technology that uses the Internet and remote servers to offer on-demand resources. On-demand service: You use it when you need it.No upfront payment for the resources. With a few more development in enabling technologies such as 5G developments, Internet of Things (IoT) standardization, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain 3.0 utilization, it is but a matter of time that the industry will transition towards the digital twin-based approach. SaaS providers are Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce Com., etc, ... SaaS providers are Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce Com., etc [22] [25]. with better performance. The findings of the study suggest that while the benefits of cloud computing such as its computational power and ability to help companies save costs are often mentioned in the literature, the primary concerns that IT managers and software engineers have are compatibility of the cloud with companies’ policy, IS development environment, and business needs; and relative advantages of adopting cloud solutions. However, there were access to the server resources to unauthorized access [79]. based approach will try to drop the unauthorized coming traffic. JavaScript, HTML, VBScript, ActiveX and Flash [85]. considered as an innovative way to improve business. All rights reserved. Most of the organizations choose to adopt cloud computing as it increases the business flexibility. It offers a an array of solutions and advantages to business with increased flexibility, scalability and agility with reduced procedural, administrative, hardware and software costs and with higher efficiency [4], [5]. 44 Cloud Computing and its Challenges and Benefits in the Bank System Cloud Computing and its Challenges and Benefits in the Bank System Bogdan NEDELCU, Madalina-Elena STEFANET, Ioan-Florentin TAMASESCU, Smaranda-Elena TINTOIU, Alin VEZEANU University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania, , every organization. In this article, we have mentioned some of the significant challenges faced by the cloud and proposed solutions by integrating it with blockchain technology. h�b```f``2f`a`Pz� Ȁ �L@Q��[R�O�. technique of hardening cloud-based SAML while combining SSO organizations’ sensitive information etc. Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger with records of data containing all details of the transactions carried out and distributed among the nodes present in the network. ... Xue and Xin, (2016) explained how cloud computing enables businesses to be more flexible by accessing data via internet from any location at any given time, offers reduced cost on pay as you use basics, scalability is simple with the help of virtualization and boosts agility by providing infrastructure, backup and recovery, and software management to businesses or organizations adopting it.Kapil et al. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. But there are also many challenges involved in cloud computing, and if you’re not prepared to deal with them, you won’t realize the benefits. An example of IaaS is Amazon EC2 [37]. Purpose of the study: This research aims to understand the benefits and challenges of cloud and non-cloud adopter companies of production and service sectors on cloud computing and making recommendations based on companies’ perceptions of the issue in Izmir, Turkey. Some of. cloud. In fact, most people already use a variety of cloud computing … in the computer industry, is structured and put to the best use with regard to the present-day trends. [36], highlighted that one of the ways to make or. will occur. In this paper, we examine the potential benefits and limitations of Cloud adoption from the perspective of a client firm’s competitive priorities, identifying business motivators for each priority, mechanisms, Cloud computing is a new model for delivering new applications and services. Single Sign on (SSO) is a user authentication technique through I perceived it to be a very recent concept but it actually has… The fact that the valuable enterprise data will reside outside the corporate firewall raises serious concerns. (2017) highlighted a vital functional disadvantage of cloud computing which happens to be the shortage of integration among cloud platforms. This emerging technology opens a new era of e-services in different disciplines. needed over heterogeneous environments, the risk that might be Cloud computing, Benefits, Challenges 1. Usually, it provides a single, simple interface for the users to use and hide the architecture. It is still facing many challenges like data security, data management, compliance, reliability. Network Access: Use the internet as a medium to connect with all cloud services. Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) assure economic growth in Europe. The authors have, therefore, proposed an effective 35 0 obj <> endobj In the past, people would run applications or programs from software downloaded on a physical computer or server in their building. The deployment of the application on cloud is not much easier. ��"D@��"���7 BDH��@��H�����L��@�00�K�g�� � �u! This study is intended to add to the growing body of available business value-focused Cloud Computing research and provides a starting point for further conceptual and empirical work. This work also serves as a concise guideline for researchers and industrialists who are looking to implement advanced energy-saving systems. In a survey among 143 users of cloud storage services, we find empirical evidence that trust is the primary mitigator of privacy and security concerns while low switching costs reduce availability concerns. The ways of Cloud Computing deployment will be based on different factors. The introduction of cloud computing has changed the working environment from traditional to virtual. Overall, cloud computing enables the organizations Cloud computing providers offer different t, resources. endstream endobj 36 0 obj <> endobj 37 0 obj <> endobj 38 0 obj <>stream Cloud computing is a current trend that reveals the next-generation application architecture and it is estimated that by 2013 the cloud market will have reached $8.1bn. Cloud computing is the structure for establishing the computer service through internet. It is difficult for the organizations to survive in, to compete with their competitors. Now a day’s several tools are available like Google App Engine (By Google), Windows Azure (By Windows), Amazon EC2 (By Amazon) etc. host a critical application on private cloud and public cloud for less security concern [31]. 2. 6, No. Furthermore, the true challenge within the Industry 4.0 is with data communication and infrastructure problems, not so significantly on developing modelling techniques. The number of users and organizations connected to t. [13]. Research has been done to, The clouds will use the physical hardware and, type of cloud service offers the same advantages of public and. Keywords: Testing, Cloud Testing, Cloud Testing Challenges 1. Using cloud computing is one of the most important decisions for most of businesses nowadays. 126, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 19, Bukit Jalil, business. Another study [1] states the implementation of cloud com-puting can be successful if the company is able to maximize the benefits promised by this service. etc. 6, Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, No. We tend to investigate a brief survey on earlier studies focused on blockchain integrating with the cloud to depict their supremacy. of the users who have logged into Active Directory or intranet and Business organizations need to be alert against the attacks to their cloud Scalability: Will allow you elasticity of resources i.e you can ad-hoc demand the number of resources as you desire. All the resources/services are present on the cloud which is managed by a service provider. Due to a lack of financial resources and expertise, small enterprises tend to find novel ways to utilize IT resources in order to reduce IT adoption costs, to achieve better flexibility, business agility and scalability, and to react faster, Cloud Computing is currently receiving unprecedented levels of attention despite the fact that opinion on the potential for successful Cloud adoption is both conflicting and divided. Despite many promises by the cloud service providers, users remain much concerned about the general risk associated with the adoption of the cloud. There are several step should follow to deploy the source. The method has been used is secondary With cloud computing, IT professionals can devote more energy to enhancing the value of using IT for their enterprises and less on the day-to-day challenges of IT. and upgrade as these are done by the providers. Benefits and challenges of Cloud Computing. example, a Man-in-the Middle (MITM) attacker manages to gain The aim of this study is to compare four widely adopted cloud platforms, AWS, Microsoft windows azure, Google app engine and IBM cloud based on some commonly shared features such as cloud service type, storage, database, security, service level agreements, programming languages used, pricing, virtualization, mobile services offered, internet of things, data backup and recovery and user interface to guide customers in selecting a suitable cloud platform. servers should have software patches to detect and avoid it [49]. Cloud computing allows people access to the same kinds of applications through the internet. It is Recently there are many emerging cloud platforms to choose from to run, deploy and maintain applications over the cloud, offering a variety of services and tools at the disposal of a user. INTRODUCTION Cloud computing (CC) according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is “a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable organizations to prevent any staff training cost and manpower. International Research Journal of Electronics & Computer Engineeri ng, 1(2), pp. In cloud computing, you can access data from a remote server. Based on the this paper. research, that is collecting data from published journal papers and conference papers. 3.3. Security has become the major concern in [66] found that clo. Due to all these security issues and concerns surrounding cloud computing, service providers have had to improve their security measures to ensure the security of customer data and customer satisfaction [8], ... Due to all these security issues and concerns surrounding cloud computing, service providers have had to improve their security measures to ensure the security of customer data and customer satisfaction [8] [5]. Automatic Software/Hardware Upgrades, In today, such a highly competitive business environment, it is necessary to stay competitive. '��n���W�L��4�'rWV��pG}����E'�ua`�$I��bv�����7��]SV�S���MQ���ۮ��|�&��d[��~�Wu3}�*���;D+�����`B����#[T_���Ӛ~l��. SaaS are Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, etc. When application runs time access to deploy source on cloud instance, the issue like application speed get slow and reliability etc. been adopted in various enterprise applications, there has been The main risks involved in Cloud Computing … Zhang et al. Unnecessary procedural, administrative, hardware and software costs Consumers can request a cloud for services, applications, solutions and can store large amount of data from different location. System (CVSS), the architecture proves to be reliable, feasible and However, cloud computing has become more widely accepted and as a result, has become susceptible to more hacking and different and newer cyberattacks service providers had not accounted for [5]. Due to these benefits, the growth in adoption of cloud has been phenomenal. principal-Agency theory, we therefore establish users' uncertainty perceptions as a key driver of cloud computing continuance. This study is beneficial for potential users such as small mid-size enterprises, start-up developers and large companies for selecting a cloud platform that meets their requirements. INTRODUCTION: The e-health (electronic health) system is one of many cloud services which uses computer or electronic systems and cloud technology as its main source of operations for storing and sharing patient’s medical data between healthcare service providers and patients. offered to the users. Key Research Challenges in Cloud Computing 8/17 Cloud Aggregation Research challenges in the aggregation of resources from diverse cloud providers adding additional layers of service management • Novel architectural models for aggregation of cloud providers • Brokering algorithms for high availability, performance, proximity, legal domains, price, or energy efficiency A larger number of IT companies are Thus the open environment is used by the distributed resources, so that it is important to ensure the security and trust while sharing the data in the cloud. Foreseeing some potential challenges, this paper also discusses the importance of symbiosis between researchers and industrialists to transition from traditional industry towards a digital twin-based energy-saving industry. Introduction Cloud Computing is a distributed technology of delivering IT services over the internet. [], International Journal of Computer Applications. is to reduce the burden of deploying appli, computing resources and applications are used. Signature-based approach is used. refusing to maintain the resources during the peak time because they are not, organizations as aforementioned, there are some shortcomings for decision makers that need to be. endstream endobj startxref Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing … Cloud Computing and Privacy Risks in the Information/Knowledge/Digital Risk Society and Economy: An Overview, Hardening SAML by Integrating SSO and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in the Cloud, Recent advances on industrial data-driven energy savings: Digital twins and infrastructures, Comprehensive Interaction Model for Cloud Management, CLOUD COMPUTING IN AMAZON WEB SERVICES, MICROSOFT WINDOWS AZURE, GOOGLE APP ENGINE AND IBM CLOUD PLATFORMS: A COMPARATIVE STUDY A THESIS SUBMITTED TO THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF APPLIED SCIENCES OF NEAR EAST UNIVERSITY In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Computer Information Systems NICOSIA, 2019, HRM System using Cloud Computing for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Blockchain Based Cloud Computing: Architecture and Research Challenges, Modified Cuckoo Search for Resource Allocation on Social Internet-of-Things, Der Industrie-4.0-Leitfaden für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen: Die erste Richtlinie: Daten, A Survey on Secure Cloud-Based E-Health Systems, Cloud computing: Network/security threats and countermeasures, Exploring Cloud Computing Services and Applications, Cloud Computing Security: An Investigation into the Security Issues and Challenges Associated with Cloud Computing, for both Data Storage and Virtual Applications, Cloud computing as an innovation: Perceptions, attitude, and adoption, Study of SQL Injection Attacks and Countermeasures, A survey on security issues in service delivery models of cloud computing, CHALLENGES AND ISSUES OF DEPLOYMENT ON CLOUD, Cloud computing for increased business value, The Role of Uncertainty in Cloud Computing Continuance: Antecedents, Mitigators, and Consequences. Challenges Associated with Cloud Computing, for both Data Storage and Virtual Appli cations. 4.3 Disadvantages of Cloud Computing In spite of its many benefits, as mentioned above, Cloud computing also has its disadvantages. Competing on the Cloud: A Review and Synthesis of Potential Benefits and Possible Pitfalls, A Trustworthy Model for Reliable Cloud Service Discovery. Figure 3 shows the different types of cloud deployment models. It is also possible to get the identity The availability of many cloud service. with a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) at the time of writing Even though SSO reduces the number of logins that are A java web-application is deployed cloud and examined of its performance. In this paper, we explore cloud computing services and applications, we give examples for cloud services provided by the most common Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, HP, and Sales force and we present innovative applications for cloud computing in e-learning, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and e-governance. Its adoption is gaining ground because most of the services provided by the cloud are of low cost and readily available for use. Cloud computing provides easy access of services to the users either free of cost or at nominal charges. System Infrastructure – machines and spare part maintenances, Single Application – software management (upgrade software / application. Data-driven models for industrial energy savings heavily rely on sensor data, experimentation data and knowledge-based data. 0 storage. administration and maintenance [11]. Cloud computing, adoption, benefits, challenges, education, higher education, implementation, e-learning. cloud and cloud attacks too. This has happened primarily because companies have designed their clouds and kept the design, layout, and system private, ... ... networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction" [10], [11].
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